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Bold companies make remarkable products.

Innovation Consulting + Venture Acceleration

We are consultants. designers. marketers. creatives. developers. solution architects. tech enthusiasts. data analysts.

Multinational or Startup? We got you covered.

Our proven methodology accelerates time-to-market with both profitability and sustainability in mind for clients of all types and sizes. In fact, our approach has already thrilled startups, SMEs, education institutions, governments, and non-profits.

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From Morocco to the World

Based in Rabat, we primarily serve the Moroccan market. However, with the context of the pandemic, we scaled our consulting services to markets in Europe & West Africa - working remotely using collaboration tools and a healthy dose of virtual meetings.

The altwork difference.

We truly believe in the transformative power of human-centered design and technology and their ability to innovate business models, craft exceptional customer experiences, and create change programs. Impactful work starts by challenging the status quo.

We're excited to start the conversation, learn about you and your business, and challenge you to go where no one else has gone.

Issam Skalli - Founder
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