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The acceleration program for female artists, creators, and change makers

altwork AcceleratHER

A dedicated accelerator for her

Make a living out of your passion.

Being a successful entrepreneur in Morocco is a laborious challenge – amplified by the strange context we live in today. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we feel the pain. All entrepreneurs matter to us, but we have committed to put extra-efforts into advancing female entrepreneurship in Morocco. Why, you might wonder?

Women entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and the drivers of economic growth here and in the African continent; yet they face enormous unequal obstacles ranging from access to financing, mentoring, business networks or to certain specific skills. In addition, they are more likely to exit their ventures because of personal and family reasons.

A digital-first business accelerator

We see digitalization as an opportunity to leapfrog over those obstacles: go-to-market in a few weeks, introduce more flexibility to balance out responsibilities and put the foundations for building a more sustainable business in line with their personal fulfillment.

We want to play a role in helping women take on the economic role they deserve; translate their passions into reality; and build the right business for them and their lifestyle.

Since 2019

A startup for startups

12 alumni
women-led profitable businesses and counting
Representing 8 different sectors: health, wellness, cosmetics, coaching, landscaping, architecture, non-profits, consulting
"The sprint sessions were like intense sparring sessions of action thinking and trajectory adjustments. In a few weeks and by adopting the advices and strategies proposed by altwork, I tripled my revenue and above all, I gained in methodology and efficiency".
Safinez Yahouni, SYD
Tailored acceleration programs

Make a living out of your passion.


3 to 6 weeks to take your idea to market.

Identify your ideal clients, develop a compelling offer and a first business model.
Starting 17 000 MAD

Go-To-Market +

7 to 12 weeks to take your idea to market and get your first paying customers.

Test out the most critical assumptions of your business and find your niche clients.
Starting 30 000 MAD
altwork AcceleratHER

We have built a specific program for female founders in Morocco.

We set out to give women-led businesses an edge, use technology to their advantage, and move on a course to thrive rather than survive.
Join the community of female founders