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Bubble, Airtable
Date updated
May 31, 2023
Bringing the indie game community together on a platform to collaborate, create, and innovate.

Disconnected talent search hampers growth and collaboration in the indie game development industry

In the dynamic world of indie game development, where creativity and collaboration reign supreme, there is a pressing problem: the fragmented and inefficient talent search process. This industry is home not only to talented developers but also to artists, sound creators, project leaders, copywriters, and numerous other professionals who contribute their expertise to bring games to life. However, the lack of a dedicated platform that unites all these individuals hinders their ability to find the right talent and opportunities for their projects.

Indie game professionals face several challenges:

  1. Scattered opportunities: Current job boards and platforms fail to cater specifically to the indie game development industry, leaving professionals struggling to find opportunities aligned with their passion and skills. The absence of a specialized platform deprives them of a focused space to shine and connect with like-minded individuals.
  2. Time wasted on fragmented searches: Without a central hub for indie game professionals, searching for suitable projects or team members becomes a tedious and time-consuming process. Professionals are forced to navigate multiple platforms, forums, and social media groups, hampering their productivity and causing delays in project execution.
  3. Limited visibility and missed connections: The absence of a comprehensive platform restricts the visibility of indie game professionals, making it challenging for potential employers and collaborators to discover their talent and skills. This lack of exposure leads to missed opportunities and impedes the industry's growth and innovation.
  4. The quest for the perfect fit: Indie game projects often require a diverse set of professionals with specialized skills and a shared passion for indie game development. However, without a dedicated job board, employers struggle to identify and connect with individuals possessing the exact expertise and creative mindset they seek, hindering efficient team formation.

A unified job board for indie game professionals

Introducing a unified job board exclusively designed for indie game professionals, your solution bridges these gaps. It creates a centralized space where developers, artists, sound creators, project leaders, copywriters, and other industry experts can come together, collaborate, and discover exciting opportunities within the indie game landscape. By streamlining the talent search process, saving valuable time for both employers and professionals, and fostering a vibrant community, this platform empowers indie game development to reach new heights of success and innovation.

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